Elizabeth Evans-Olivier

Elizabeth was raised in Forest Hills, NY by an artistic family, and strongly influenced by her grandmother and great aunt who were both professional dancers. They actually studied with Joseph Pilates many years ago. Elizabeth followed in the footsteps of these remarkable women, studying classical ballet. In her early twenties, Elizabeth's career path took an interesting twist; Elizabeth found herself reaching even farther for a more physically challenging career as a professional stuntwoman. With much training and determination, Elizabeth earned her SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card and found many exciting jobs in the movie industry. Over time, between dance training and stuntwork, Elizabeth began to notice changes in her body that included arthritis of the neck and back, herniated disks, shoulder pain and frequent headaches. After visits to orthopaedists, physical therapists and chiropractors, Elizabeth felt certain that the answers to her problems were doctors and meds. Elizabeth found Pilates by accident. Within a short period of time, she observed a dramatic change. Getting out of bed in the morning had been the most difficult task, but this was no longer the case. It was almost like magic; her condition had improved. This incredible experience was so inspiring, it gave her the reason to become an instructor. After about a year of training, Elizabeth earned her certification through Stott Pilates®.

Elizabeth has devoted over a decade to studying the body's musculoskeletal architecture, its function and dysfunction. She enjoys working with a variety of clients in the post-therapeutic phase as well those capable of intense physical training.

Education and Training

Myokinematic Restoration
Postural Restoration Institute
August 2021

Restoring Functional Movement of the Lower Extremity
Professional Seminars NYC
Jennifer Camhi PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
New York City
August 2018

Advanced Myofascial Techniques
Pelvis, Hip & Sacrum, Part I & II
Til Luchau CAR, CMT, Director
New Jersey
July 2018

Restoring Functional Movement of the Upper Extremity
Professional Seminars NYC
Jennifer Camhi PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
New York City
June 2017

Functional Anatomy Seminars
Functional Range Conditioning:
Human Movement Optimization
Drive 495, New York City
May 2016

Functional Anatomy Seminars
Human Movement Optimization
New York City
Sept 2015

International Fascia Research Congress
Wound Healing, Adhesions & Fascia
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
New York City
August 2013

Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Movement Therapists
Kinesis, Inc.
Thomas Myers
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
October 2012

Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
Practical Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
Chek Institute
June 2012

Clinics in Arthrokinematics of the Thorax & Shoulder
Kinesiology Workshop with Irene Dowd
New York City
December 2010

Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Functional Anatomy Workshop for Movement & Conditioning
New York City
July 2006

Stott Pilates Teacher Certification Program
All Apparatus
Fairfield, New Jersey
December 2005

Kinesthetic Anatomy & Biomechanics of Motion
The Spine & Trunk
Kinesiology Workshop with Irene Down
New York City
September 2005

Core Principles to Apparatus Cueing
Pilates Workshop with Marie Lawrence
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 2005

Stott Pilates Teacher Certification Program
Matwork & Reformer
New York City
November 2004

Integral Yoga Teacher
500 hour Teacher Training Program
Fairlawn, New Jersey
July 2002