Fitness training is the focus. We want results fast. We usually seek out the most challenging type of fitness training that we can handle………until something happens. That something is pain or an actual injury.

Hopefully, these pain incidents are few & we make the right decision.

This has been my experience, training pretty hard, for a long time, until things begin to change. It was clear to me that if I continued weight training, running, rock climbing, etc, I was really going to pay the price.

Sometimes trainers are accused of training their clients the way they train themselves. Too hard, too intense, etc. I train my clients the way I train myself. Carefully, mindfully, choosing exercises that they will only benefit from.

Training joint strength, with range of motion as the focus, is key to a better body across the board! If we only load joints, disregarding a load capacity, injury is inevitable.

Making the right choices